Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Smile for da camera

Video call! New fangled technology!

After getting over the fun of remotely controlling the camera on the other end (Zoom: Hey you have some lettuce in your teeth there), it suddenly dawned on me. It is hard to concentrate on this dang thing. Voice calls are one thing, but with live video feed, I go into passive Monster-Trucks-Sportcenter-Fox news mode. Y'know, remote in hand, and unconsciously tapping the 'channel' button. It is all I could do to not let my mouth go slack and have a stream of drool dribble down the side.

And the footage is hardly riveting. It's like watching cspan of your local townhall meeting (equivalent of angry residents clashing over the height limitations ordances for yard fences). The only problem is, this cspan occasionally pauses, looks back at me from the screen, and asks a question.

New tact: I've taken to consicuously making an effort to occasionally look straight into the camera and stroke my chin contemplatively. Wish I had a goatee...

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