Monday, October 08, 2007

And for a Limited Time Only...!

In my inbox this morn:

"Introducing the New Electro-FabuloExtremenator2000! It does everything the KindaFabGoodenator1000 does, but faster, more accurately, and comes in 5 Delicious Edible Chassis choices! And the best part? You can own this for the price of a cup of coffee a day! You heard right! For ONLY the price for your daily coffee runs!"

I was momentarily stunned and giddy with excitement. Wow, all that for such a pittance!

Then I unwrinkled my crumpled Starbucks receipt from this morning. Price of Grande Extra Foamy Mochalito Supreme with organic 1/2 and 1/2 Hold the Styrofoam Cup, Easy on the Free Trade, To Go cost me $17.80.

Hmm...though the Beef jerky flavored chassis on the new model is compelling, maybe I'll stick with the old model for a few more months.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Lookit me when I'm talkin' to you!

Maybe it's a neurosis of some kind. Maybe it's a faulty gene sequence.

But when I'm in a conference room with one of those triangular speaker phones perched on the table, I gotta stare at it. It's not a machine, it's a person. Within its squat black plastic frame, multiple personalities jockey for attention, like Sybil of Psychology 101 fame.

If I don't look that red LED square in the eye and nod in sage agreement to the last comment, I feel like it (and by extension, every personality within its crowded cranium) senses my innermost secrets -- the heresy (!!!) that database integration and process optimization are not all that top-of-mind....

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