Monday, August 11, 2008

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Some of these sports are kinda arbitrary. Take diving for example. Travel back with me 80 years when two drunk Englishmen were deciding on who can do the jump off a cliff while doing the maddest tricks.

"I say old chap, what do you say we make a rule that says whoever makes the largest splash is declared winner of this duel?"

"Splendid, my good man. I just ate my tea and crumpets so I daresay my belly will not be up to the task. What if we decide on who makes the *smallest* splash?"


If that conversation had transpired differently, we may have seen a sport wherein divers are recognized by their trademark roundness and train for the amount of pain a textbook bellyflop causes upon impact...

Twitter Revolution

Boy it has been a while -- like 4 months since I blogged. That Twitter thingamabob just seems much more convenient. Dash it off from my cell phone, then voila'.

But I gotta tell ya, the 120 letter limit does put a cramp on what I can write about and how.

Though I have learned to express deep philosophical conveyances through the Twitter medium.


hidework: u smell somethin funny?
emily@hidwork: y kinda. maybe Frank + TBell
frank@hidwork: sorry. my bad. sweet smell of success

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