Sunday, May 22, 2005

Organic Food

As I'm driving to the Corporate Mother Ship this morn (all right, it's Sunday. And yes, it is beautiful outside. And yes, I am a loser), I pass by a Farmer's Market. I didn't have time to stop by, but I called my wife to let her know that they've started up for the year again.

After clicking the 'disconnect' on my cell, I stop to ponder. Not literally of course. It's dangerous to come to a full stop and ponder when one is in mid-merge onto a highway.

Why, I ask myself, do we shop at these things? The wares tend to be more expensive, and are often sold in less convenient venues. I guess it's because Organic conjures up images of golden stalks of corn swaying with the breeze on a hot summer day; and meats served up by happy cows, prancing their way to a smiling farmer. Hmph. I feel like someone's been flashing me subliminal messages. Drink Coke! Eat Organic to Wash Away your Sins!

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