Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tech Odds

Actuarial tables used for calculating common office tech events:

"Conference" button hangs up on the folks you put on hold:

NetMeeting setup issues chews up the first 15 min. of the meeting:

Presenter gives up on NetMeeting; emails preso to all:

Embarrassing IM message projected onscreen during your preso:

You forget that there are folks dialed into a conference room:

Chance of the above happening when you're talking smack about that person:


Anonymous said...
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JWork said...

Uh, love these comments. WTF is this crap...kissing tips for women??? Can't anyone just have something without someone coming along and f'ing it up? Seriously, you're just trying to post some comments, vent some frustrations, share with friends and some jack@ss has to make some program to post BS in your blog to try to sell you something. If this is capitalism, call me a commie!

Hideo said...

I hear ya jwork; just deleted these annoying advertisements. Wish I had a way of filtering these.

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