Thursday, September 22, 2005

Friday the 13th Part XIX

First presentation, looked great: sesame seed bun lightly grilled, tomatoes, lettuce, slice of American, and a nice thick patty, First bite, not bad. The bread crust and the fluffy bread interior lent a satisfying tactile element to the sensory input provided by the savory blend of meat, spices and the acidic tang of ketchup. But then it happened. The cross-section revealed a multi-layered geographical map of details of which I was previously ignorant.

Ok, this meat is a little undercooked. I've done better just by sitting out in the sun too long.

Should I risk it? Of course not, food poisoning is nothing to trifle with. But then it taunted me. Feelin' lucky punk? Don't you wanna test out the Russian Roulette of natural selection? Are your genes up to snuff? Didn't think so! Why don't you go hang out by the sea turtles and pandas; we'll remember you as a stuffed diorama on the 2nd floor of the Museum of Natural History!

No lunch meat talks to me like that! I punished it by downing it in four swift bites. I chewed and swallowed with vengeance in my heart. Then it was gone.

But like the last scene in every horror flick, there was a little something to keep the audiences guessing. Perhaps Jason really isn't dead. Maybe Freddy's Nightmares will begin again. Maybe, just maybe, that hamburger isn't done with me yet?

We shall see....

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Marika said...

Eagerly awaiting the sequel...


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