Tuesday, September 27, 2005

If we were a cartoon

Ran into a former colleague today during lunch. We worked together in another company some years ago and had nurtured a relationship that is hard to describe in words. If I could package it into a designer scent, perhaps it would be Calvin Klein's "Absolute Detest."

It's times like this I realize how lucky we are that we can't read each other's thought bubbles. The volume of bubbles would have blocked up traffic on both sides of us and filled up the cartoon panel that we were in. And the language! We woulda been yanked off syndication for sure.

But as it were, we exchanged polite greetings and went our merry ways. So my column survives yet another day.


Jamie Beck said...

I hear ya, Hideo. You know sometimes I get a little freaked out, thinking "what if this person, who inspires the scent 'Absolute Detest' is the ONE person in the world that can read minds?" Would be just my luck.

Take care, and I'll have the Buffalo nice and warm for you next time you venture out here to RTP....

Marika said...

That is hilarious...Calvin Klein's Absolute Detest.

This could be a worldwide trend...Lacks Potential by DKNY. Estee Lauder's Bad Mother, etc.

I love it!

francecisco said...

hey - I know them! Glad to hear they are in Cali! ;-)


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