Tuesday, May 15, 2007

your bases are belong to us

After browsing through a great little blog entry from across the hemisphere, I got down to reflection. It's now one year since we purchased our current home. We totally love it, really dig the neighbors, and appreciate the safe, well-maintained environ. But it does have a price.

I calculated that the first 21 days of every month goes to service our mortgage. The next 6 days are spent on things like electricity bills, water, and the like. Months with 31 days are bonus, because that means there are extra days to be spent on frivolous items like food.

And the banks totally know it. The initial we-want-your-business-yo phase was characterized by friendly, fawning emails/letters/phone calls. Dear Sir and Madam, the letters would say; Sincerely yours, the letter would implore. But not now. They know that they own us. Dear Peasant, the monthly bills now say. No more Best Regards. Not even a From. Now it's Remember Who Yo' Daddy is, Punk. Sigh. I shouldn't complain. May does, after all, have 31 days...


Marika said...

Dude! Thanks for the linkage!

This post, however, does not fill me with a great sense of confidence...we're hopefully making an offer on a place today. I imagine that our mortgage documents from the bank will consist of four words: WE OWN YOU BITCHES

Marika said...

Where on earth have you disappeared to?


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