Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Da Future

I dunno where in 1st grade they teach this stuff, but apparently, using Google is part of every child's education. Last night, I found my 7 year old looking for pictures of Lambourghinis and finding the orange one he saw in a magazine ad. How the heck did you spell Lambourghini, I asked? Apparently, if you're close enuf, search engines these days recognize it and make appropriate suggestions. Granted, when he spelled it, it was "lamborgeeni" so it produced close-but-no-cigar images of pasta as well. Pretty amazing stuff, taking 'connected' for granted, considering that he'll never understand the concept of spending hours upon hours in a physical library to look for a particular research tome that may contain a snippet one needs.

Hmph. Back when I was your age, our IM was a fax machine! We'd write a witty comment on a piece of paper, send it in the fax, and voila' an equally pithy zinger would be faxed back in about a day.

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