Thursday, January 19, 2006


One of the staple foods in my daily routine is the humble microwave popcorn. There's an endless supply of gratis genetically engineered goodness in the office breakroom, so I find myself gorging every now and then.

Thing is, those kernels have an uncanny habit of lodging in my throat on the most inopportune moments -- like just when I'm about to deliver a rousing discourse on the merits of using semicolons in marketing copy.


Marika said...

You guys get popcorn? Man, how lucky are you?

We just get apples. Which, I may point out, you can still choke on, and only tast 1/4 as good.

Hideo said...

btw, is the guy in this picture famous? I copied it from an Aussie online pub (the Age, I think).

Marika said...

That's Nick Cave, of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Depressing music, sort of gothic, sort of scary, altogether depressing. He did a duet with Kylie Minogue a few years ago that was quite good, and then seemed to disappear altogether.

He also wrote a movie that came out recently, I think it was called the Proposition?

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia -- the Ten Postage Stamps Edition!


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