Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exec Watching

There is a new pagan ritual that is making the rounds in the cubicle jungles. Exec-Watching. High priests and priestesses interpret the mysterious sayings and actions of the Denizens of Mount Olympus and attempt to soothsay what is in store...

"Hmm. Jack usually hits the restroom after his second cup of coffee. Yet today, he is still going strong after his third...?"

"This could only mean one thing! He is signaling that he needs to conserve his reserves and not piss it away just because he can. New expense management and budget cuts are coming!"

"No, you uncouth savage, your spirits do you wrong. Jack is signaling optimism that he can hold out through tough times and that we should do the same. Spend wisely, yes, but invest to get ahead!"

...several meetings later...

"Boy, Jack has been in the restroom for a long time?"

"And it's not even after lunch! This could only mean one thing...."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is "Jack" code for someone with a hard-walled office? Obviously, I don't know jack. Must be on-campus more often. //pamela


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