Monday, March 17, 2008

Back when I was your age.....!

What's up with all these articles on how wild and crazy these so-called Generation Y folk are? And how Corporate America had better shape up to receive these folk into our warm embrace?

I'm in the tail portion of Gen X, and I seemed to have missed the part about folks fretting about what we want and care about. Now, I'm being unfair of course! Of course people cared back then, too!

Ah the memories of my first job out of college...early 90s, beginning of the 1st bubble:

Workplace ergonomics:
"Hideo, you can either have the chair with the missing third coaster, the one with mystery stains, or the stack of copy paper."

or the ever-catchy, "It's awfully cold outside. That stack of copier paper is looking real good in comparison, no?"

Flexible hours:
"You can come in as EARLY as you want, and stay as LATE as you want!"

Workplace fitness plan:
"Go run down the street and bring back coffee. Doughnuts will get you more points. GO!"

"WE are your family now"

"Yes, there is. Any more questions, noob?"

Sigh...trips down memory lane always bring back fond thoughts.

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