Tuesday, February 12, 2008

...and life to go!

oh yeah. I'm sore. And I was as coordinated as a drunken salaryman stumbling out of a karoke bar after one too many. Ah, yesterday's lesson; the one take away I have is, "Boy I'm...not good."

Those were muscles I definitely don't use often. Last time I used those fibers were when I had a cup of Grande mocha in one hand, my laptop in another, and I jammed my foot into the security door before it closed shut.

No longer 25, but guess I'll hold on to 35 for as long as I can!


Marika said...

Wow...good for you. What happened to the running though?

Hideo said...

Still chugging along. It hit me on one long run though, right past the 16 mile mark. This running thing, especially when it's solo, is pretty...boring!


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