Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Bday!

We're having our son's 8th birthday party this Sat. We ran into a bunch of scheduling issues last year, so we learned our lesson. This year, we booked early, August, if I remember correctly.

We got a smokin' deal, on account of the fact that the party building was still under construction. No problem, they said! So we thought nothing of it. We bit on the free T shirt offer and signed up.

4 months later, the Big Day is almost upon us. I haven't seen the facilities in a while, so I emailed the organizer to ask what activities will be available on Saturday.

The reply:
  • Knock Down Dry Wall Race
  • Asbestos Breath Holding contest
  • Pin the Tail on the Still Hardening Concrete
Phew! And here we were. All worried for nothin'.

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