Monday, September 10, 2007

PC-Mac interoperability

I saw a few people, including The Man, buy themselves a Mac for work use. Man those things are slick! Nothing says Silver is the New Black like snapping open that smooth clamshell whilst your colleagues creak open their black, diesel-powered ThinkPads. Should I make the jump too? Well, besides the obvious $ issue -- if I'm asking you if you have 17 cents at lunch so I don't need to break a $5 bill, you can guess the status of my bountiful finances. But consider too the technical difficulties! The Man spent all weekend configuring his machine to work with the PC environ at the office. And it still doesn't work. Though I have to tell ya, listening to Mac owners gripe about interoperability, it sounds a bit like subtle bragging. Kind of along the lines, of, Boy I hate it when my Gulfstream needs its engines repaired JUST when I'm about to spend a weekend in my private ski resort.

Then I got to thinking. Why do I want a Mac? Or an iPhone (goosebumps). It's not the function, which the PC can arguably give you. It's the cachet! It puts you on the geek-cool pedastal in a meeting! The iPhone makes me look happ-o-nen in the eyes of my adoring children. THAT's why I crave these symbols of Cool Credo. So here's my question:

Where can I just buy the shell of a Mac or a snap-on faceplate to my clunky cellphone, so it looks like the real thing? I'd snap it up in a heartbeat. Provided, of course, that you could loan me 17 cents so I don't have to break a $5 bill.


JP said...

the man.. does not think this is funny... however, the man did buy his wife the iPhone, good news on that front.. wife happy, the man happy.. but in an attempt to be young, cool and hip but also practical enough to stay in the Enterprise .. the man spent all weekend on the mac, man not happy, the wife certainly not happy !

Heather said...

this WOman is very content to have her cake and eat it too... Snazzy Silver Mac that has a virtual PC in it. Hiding my secret love for Outlook. God bless VMWare. Self-configured without any IT support, no less.

With all my Mac-love I'm not so brave to buy an iPhone. Yet.


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