Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And I thought I was uncool

Oh yeahhhh, cruisin' along in my luxe ride after a classy night on the town.

Low and slow, just enjoying the admiring eyes.


Honda just launched their "Shining Prestige" campaign to showcase their 08 linup of....minivans.

Amazing thing, these timezones. Not only is Australia entering summer whilst the US is getting its sweaters out, minivans go from Juice Boxes to Boom Boxes in the span of 13 timezones.


Marika said...

I actually legitimately lust after the Honda Odyssey, their local mini-van (don't know if it's the same in the US - looks different on the ad!). Their most recent campaign had a mum & dad getting it on in the front seat...while their kids looked on from the back.

That is just WRONG.

Hideo said...

found it!! Now THAT you couldn't get away with in the US!


Marika said...

Nice detective work!

My boyfriend and I actually have a running joke that if I had a choice between an Odyssey and a Ferrari, I'd pick the van. He doesn't know that I'm serious!!


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