Monday, February 05, 2007

Five Second Rule

Catering overflows. That's when somebody calls a lunch meeting for 8, but six of those end up dialing in. Which of course, means leftover food being sent to the breakroom for the Cube hyenas and Office vultures to pick at. Hey you need those scavengers. Didn't you see the Lion King? Circle of Life and all. Yeah that's right. Now put down that roast beef, twinkie; I saw it first.

At any rate, there was a full fruit plate in the breakroom today. Almost totally untouched, brimming with melons, berries, pinepple, and...cream cheese (guess they ate all the bagels). I grabbed a paper plate and plastic fork, and started munching. There were a number of folks that filed thru, and I was left with a burning question. Why is it that people will use a plate and fork unless they're "just going to take one piece" -- in which case they feel free to use their fingers? Maybe it's like the old 5 second rule: if you drop food on the floor, you're safe if you pick it up and eat it within 5 seconds; the germs dont react fast enough and don't have time to jump from the floor to the food morsel.

I pondered the delicious thought of eating something that's been touched by ten unwashed hands. Then I shrugged and kept munching.

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