Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Situational Morality

Three Moral Dilemmas I faced today:

6:12am Garbage disposal day in my neighborhood. My recycle bin was full. My neighbor's was not. Cool to take the one bag of cans that didn't fit and toss it in my neighbor's bin?

1:02 pm Office neighbor leaves 3 cookies unattended in her space. Those will likely get eaten at any given moment by unscrupulous passerby. Should I eat those, as she'd be happier knowing that someone she knows ate her cookies and not some random stranger?

3:20pm Notice that stall#2 in the men's room is out of paper. Just then, a person I don't know bursts into the bathroom with a distinct air of urgency about him. He beelines straight for stall#2, dives in, and locks the door. Should I offer a warning, or wash my hands of the situation (literally), and walk away?


Marika said...

Situation #1. Yes
Situation #2. No
Situation #3. Maybe

Mario Tavares said...


#1 Yes.
#2 Hide them from co-workers... when she returns and freaks out to find them missing, reveal to her your efforts to save the cookies, then go in for the kill while she is thankful and ask for one.
#3 Throw him a roll... or a handful of paper hand towels.


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