Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Remember who PWNS you

This morning, the all-too-common combo of time-crunch, hunger, and mental weakness conspired to have me walk into McDonald's for Breakfast#3. As I received the 38 cents in change, I say, "Thanks. Have a good one." Expecting either a vague forced smile or a "You too!," I was taken aback by what the cashier said.

After a barely perceptible pause, the teenage avatar of Ronald the purveyor of reconstituted beef products seemed to look into my soul and intoned, "...see you again SOON..!"

How...does...he...know? Sudden...craving...for...Quarter..Pounder..with...Cheese.


Anonymous said...

It's scary, they do own you.

There's a new one opened up near us in the city where the kitchen is on the second floor of the building. The drinks etc. are dispensed at ground level, but the food is sent down a really steep conveyer belt, a bit like a ski jump. It whooses down, then jumps up a bit at the bottom and lands on a tray. It's seriously the coolest thing I've ever seen, and I swear I drop in just to see the burgers skiing. I love it!

Hideo said...

now THAT is cool. I wonder if they could make folks' cholesterol and sodium levels fall if they put people down that slope?


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