Monday, September 18, 2006


After months of being a recipient, I decide that I will take that bold step and use the Office Productivity Enhancements at my disposal.

"Hi there, this is Hideo, leavin' ya a voice mail so you get this first thing in the morn. Huge favor, can you chase down those from last week for me? Details via email. Peace out."

Tappity tappity tap:

Subject: wrt to voicemail
Body: Just following up with those codes. Need' em by noon! I'll swing by

hm..may as well copy her epage address so she gets the text on her pager too. Click, done.
Resend frequency? Lemme about every 10min? Click, done.

Oh wait, there's her car in the parking lot. Scribble. Nothing says urgent like a post-it on a windshield!

15 minutes later, the needed info arrives. All this technology has made office life so productive! I bet in years gone by, it woulda taken weeks to stalk..uh, coax, rather, someone to provide info via carrier pirgeon and mimeograph!


Syl said...

I think your reader comments should be posted directly on your web page, not hidden away all shameful-like.

Hideo said...

how do I do that? Just not very sophisticated with this new-fangled technology.

Back when I was your age, we'd carve messages on stone tablets for all to see!

Marika said...

Yeah, how DO you do that?

Syl said...

Uh, I think I'm older than you...

Okay anyway. You have to edit your HTML template, if you're brave enough. You paste in some HTML code -- which I can't put here b/c Blogger rejects it. It's probably in the Support pates.

Good luck with that...


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