Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Why I Love Travel: Pt Two

Dialogue with stony-faced receptionist, Johan, of the Holiday Inn Ijmuiden Seaport Beach.

me: "pardon me but may I have an English room service menu?"
Johan (annoyed at this egregious intrusion on his time): "The menus are written in both Dutch and English"
me: "no they're not"
Johan: "Oh yes they are"
me: "hmm..let me check again. Let's see...nope. Can't read it. Therefore not English."
Johan: (huffs thru his nose disdainfully that I cannot make out the menu items, then gives me the English one from behind his desk) "so you are right"

one hour later...

me: "may I borrow a power adapter for my US plugs?"
Johan: (reaches behind counter and dumps a box of cords and miscellaneous adapters and plugs in front on him.) "here"
me: "um...which one?"
Johan: "I don't know. Try some."
me: (grabbing a handful) "okay"

15 minutes later...

me: "none of these fit your power sockets."
Johan: "yes, that's correct"
me:" why on earth do you keep them then?"
Johan" "someone may need one"
me: "where can I get one to power my laptop???"
Johan: "I don't know. Good day."


Marika said...

I feel for you here too. Dutch just isn't one of those languages (like French or Italian) that you can at least take a fair crack at understanding. Eg. You could be in Rome and speak no Italian and still know you're onto a good thing with Spaghetti a Pollo. But in Dutch...who freaking knows??

About 2 weeks ago I had to organise a video link with our Rotterdam office because one of their managers was in town. I swear to god as I was closing the door I heard her say "Ooodle Shoodle Noodle Woodle?"

I can't like it.

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