Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Other California Wine

Y'know what I don't like about wine?

It's all that pomp and intimidating ritual! Who needs to worry if one should serve Brick or Colby cheese to go with that California Chardonnay? There's only so much brain cell (singular) that you can engage while getting smashed anyway.

That's when I recalled a simpler time, back in school: Mad Dog 20/20. Nothing says sophistication like Mango-Lime flavored 5o proof wine. The only cheese you needed to worry about was Cheetos Now Even Cheesier cheese puffs! And, as a special bonus, MD came with a brown paper bag that you can drink straight from!

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Marika said...'re all class!! I don't think we have that stuff here - our teenagers drink Bundy - with similar effects, I'm sure. Their advertising campaign seems to revolve around a large polar bear going to bars/pubs and picking up. What the...??


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