Monday, June 15, 2009

Boosting attendance

So I get this invite sent to me. Don't ask. Someone's got me down as a technical person. I can no longer lay claim to that title since I plugged in a microwave in my office and shorted out an entire row of cubicles. Besides, I'm a fairly decent speller, which excludes me from the technical set.

At any rate, invite is as follows:

Subject: Announcing Oscilloscopes 101!

The class will discuss oscilloscope specifications like bandwidth,
rise-time, sample rate, record length, and triggering capabilities. It
will also address best practices for probing the signal of interest.
The lecture will be reinforced with hands on labs to drive home the key

Hmmmm. Street cred it's not. Close call between the Rock Band 2 Accordion attachment fan club and this one. This stuff just needs to be sexier! Maybe introduce some *edge.*

Here's what I suggest:

Subject: Pimp yo Ossy

Ever been pwned by some chump who thinks he can just walk into your hood and think he can just start samplin' bandwidth? Think you ain't got skillz to go toe to toe with his mad Ossy moves? Think again. Our boy JB is straight outta RTP and will be triggerin' and probin' -- you will too. If you got the stones to sign up that is.

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