Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daylight Savings!

The kiddies did not dig this DST thing at all. For those of you not living in the US, here's the nutshell: Congress passed a resolution to move Daylight Saving Time two weeks forward from where it used to be on the last Sunday in March. This is a bigger change than you think -- after all, the old DST has been around forever. Think how annoying this would have been if you were in charge of the Stonehenge and had to move slabs of carved bedrock forward by an hour.

At any rate, son (7) and daughter (4) were on Stonenge Standard Time, and were in no mood to cooperate with this new DST shift. With all the whine about, we may have been in Napa. Seeing the scores of unhappy faces of parents in the neighborhood, this phenomena was not localized to us.

But as the day went on, my curses toward DST died down, and eventually changed to downright cheers. I now love DST. Why? Because this new DST time hasn't existed before 2007, this means that calendaring apps like Outlook were completely screwed up. Sure, IT issued patches to correct this, but with half the company compliant and the other not (a colleague just installed the Y2K patch last week...), every appointment in my schedule is now suspect. Implications? For the next two weeks I can miss meetings with impunity and blame DST. "Sorry to arrive at work three hours late, boss. DST issues. Outlook told me that it's still 6am."

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Marika said...

Why on earth did they move it forward two weeks? Does it end two weeks earlier as well?


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